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Looking behind I´m filled with gratitude.

Looking forward I´m filled with vision.

Looking upwards I´m filled with strength.

Looking within I discover peace.


Q´ero indianst





     I help people through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spiritual Acupuncture, Energetic Tao Yin massage, Tao Yin Healing and Traditional Native North American Medicine.  I have shared my gifts, for over two decades, to help individuals and groups to heal themselves through these ancient forms of healing arts.


     Since I was a child, I helped my family and friends to relieve their pain by holding my hands on them. When I was 9 years old, I watched every weekend a sport massage therapist working on my stepfather’s football team. Seeing my curiosity and my strong interest, he started to teach me Traditional Chinese Massage. He was a very kind, funny and patient man and throughout summer we mutually enjoyed my learning, during the games. I do not even remember his name, but I honor him and I am very grateful for what he taught me. His gentle way touched my heart and initiated my life towards healing. Thank you for teaching me that I can have fun when I learn or work, and that kindness and patience are the ways of a true master.


   My stepfather and all my family became my very happy practicing subjects and my unconditional clients for many years. My cousin and I were both 10 years old, when he asked me to teach him massage, after I massaged him. With the happy agreement of his parents, he became my first massage student and we massaged each other for years. I practiced and taught massage and other forms of healing in my life at first to my family and to my friends.


    For many years I forgot to listen and to follow my first and one of my greatest healer and teacher’s words;

“Health is the greatest treasure we can have.” My Grandmother told me.  “Because if you are healthy, you can do and you can have anything you want in your life, the whole world is yours. But when you are sick, you have only one thing, your pain and dysfunction”. She taught me that love and happiness can cure and balance anything. Thank you for never judge me and for always guide me through love and your funny stories, I love you forever Granma.


     I lost my connection to healing for a long time and lost also my way to be relaxed, happy and satisfied with myself and with my life. They were the darkest years. I was spiritually blind and full of ignorance, hatred and arrogance. I was living a self-destructive life and hurting many people, especially people I said that I loved. I struggled for many years with drug addiction and was diagnosed to have chronic hepatitis B, lime disease, thyroid cancer and sever hypoglycemia. In 1981 my doctors gave me five to ten years maximum to live. I lived for several years in pain, dysfunction and despair. I was running all around, but nobody could help me or seemed to really care about my condition. I know now, that they were only mirrors of myself and pushed me towards healing myself and I´m grateful for that.


    Finally, I found myself in the hospital again with all of my deadly diseases and plugged into machines. I had only one true friend left in my life and her love was unconditional. She was in the same situation a few years before, being paralyzed and left in a wheelchair for five more years to live. One day she came to visit me and was very sad and had lots of compassion for me. After she left, she phoned me and we talked for five hours. Step by step she guided me through unconditional love to let go of everything in my life, to let go of control and to place my life in the hands of the Divine. I love you my friend, you have been a true blessing in my life. You saved my life and my soul and taught me the way of the heart.


     When I hung up the phone, the room turned into radiating golden light and I felt infinite and unconditional love towards everything. I touched all over my body and I looked in the mirror and I felt and saw myself healed and smiling beautifully, like when I was 5 years old. That state of being lasted for a day, but it gave me the strength and trust I needed to know that I can heal. Shortly after, a nurse came and gave me the names and addresses of two healers. I never saw her before or after, but I knew that she was a messenger of the higher force. I left the hospital the next day and that was my first step on my healing journey. She taught me that when we truly open up to change and to heal, the higher force helps and guides us. I wish that her life will always be filled with light, love and happiness. 


     That is how I began my healing journey and my spiritual quest. I sold all my useless material belongings to be able to start to truly take care of myself and to learn and to follow the teachings of Traditional Japanese Medicine.


    My first teacher lived many years in Japan and learned the ancient ways of healing in the monasteries. He taught me how important it is to feed my spirit and my body with pure and balanced food. He taught me that without purification our vessel is full and there is no space for healing to enter. That only I can heal myself and healing is in action. That life is a discipline and it is to create harmony and beauty. Following his teachings, after a year of strict physical and spiritual discipline, I purified and healed my health problems and regenerated myself. There are no words to express how blessed and grateful I am to him for opening the door to heal myself through the wisdom of the Oriental Ancestors healing arts.


     When I went back to the hospital a year later, my doctor, a worldwide known specialist, who has known me for years, said to me: 


     “I don´t understand, I never saw anything like that. Your blood is cleaner than a baby’s blood and all your tests are negative and it looks like you never had any disease in your life. What did you do?” He asked me with amazement in his eyes.  “I took care of me.”  I said and I explained to him what I was doing. “I don´t understand, but keep going with it.”  He told me. He was a good man, but I never needed to see him again. He taught me the value of an open mind and the beauty in accepting things that are beyond our comprehension and also that the well-being of a patient is more important than the restricted view point of our ego.


     When I started to feel well and strong again, I felt I had to keep learning and to live my life through helping to heal people. During the next five years I engaged myself in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist way to see life. The more I learned, the more I started to see myself, my body and my life through beautiful, cycling, pulsating and transforming energy patterns, flowing harmoniously and infinitely from the creative source, creating, dancing, singing life and teaching harmony.


     My main Chinese teacher was a humble and kind man. He helped me to see with clarity and taught me how to listen and to understand the visible and invisible signs that life and creation present to us in each moment. He taught me that wisdom is love in action and that simplicity is the highest essence. I learned how to channel the Universal healing force and how to shield myself with light when I work. Thank you master, for showing me the Way of the Tao, without showing me the Way of the Tao.


     In 1992 I had been living and working above the clinic of my master, when I begin to have dreams and visions with Native North American Ancestors. I didn’t know or understand what was happening to me and it was so intense and strange, but I felt those dreams more real than my everyday life. I knew they were very important messages for me.


     A faded memory started to reemerge in my mind in that period of time.  I was so sad at the age of fifteen that I didn’t wanted to live anymore. I remembered walking on the street in a beautiful summer afternoon, turning my face towards the sky and crying and begging to please, take me away from here, because I didn´t belong here. I then heard a calm voice inside of me say “Do not worry, you will find your family at the other side of the ocean.”   


     A friend I had met after my spiritual dreams started, told me that the Native Americans have several prophesies about the emerging of the Rainbow Warriors in this period of time and invited me to go with him to a Vision Council held by the Quebec Rainbow Family. During that winter solstice gathering, I received a vision about my spiritual work in this life time and about the healing of the Mother Earth. I am infinitely grateful to the Rainbow Family for their unconditional acceptance and for loving me and helping me to reconnect to Mother Earth and to the Earth Spirits. They showed me the power of love and unity. They taught me that life is art and is beautiful. Peace and love to all of you, my beautiful brothers and sisters.


     In the summer solstice of the following year, one of my rainbow friends invited me to help in a spiritual gathering and cultural exchange with Native North American Elders. I begin to understand the purpose of my dreams and visions at that gathering. I experienced a deep spiritual awakening and connection to my spiritual way in this lifetime, and also a clear calling in my heart to commit my life to walk on the Sacred Red Road. At the gathering, I met my main Native American Elder teacher there for the first time. He was considered the spiritual chief of the Algonquin Nations.


     I didn´t speak with him, but listened to his words in the circle and observed and felt his way of being. He made my heart sing and dance and I felt a peaceful inspiration in my being.  I had a clear vision that I had to visit him, but also that I needed to cleanse myself before. It took me a year after the gathering to be ready to completely let go of the remaining parts of my occasionally resurgent old habits; the need to artificially alter my consciousness when I was socializing with friends.


     I decided to definitely let go of everything that negatively affected my spiritual perception. I fasted for ten days and I went to live in the bush for a month. I felt very intense happiness and weightlessness and a deep spiritual connection with Nature. A new kind of freedom and strength was entering and started to guide my life.


     Through synchronicities, I have been spiritually and physically transported to meet a Miq´maq Elder and medicine man. I realized, when I saw him, that he was in my first spiritual dream and on that first day, he became my first Native North American teacher. My first Elder, my gratefulness to you is immeasurable. Thank you for being my spiritual father, brother and friend, and for guiding me to find my inner strength and helping me to see and have the will to fight my greatest enemy, my ego self.  You taught me how to light and maintain my sacred fire burning high. You helped me to experience the power of spiritual commitment and the true sense of my life, to live for the wellbeing of the people and Mother Earth and follow the ancient teachings and ways of the Ancestors.


    After two years of teachings and purification through prayers, traditional Native North American fasting and many sweat lodge ceremonies guided by my teacher and other Native American Elders, I felt that I was ready to visit Grandfather. He already knew I was coming. Shortly after we met and talked, I made a commitment inside of myself that I will do whatever I can to help him. To start my commitment, I returned a week later and fasted for four days and four nights without food or water. Shortly after I moved to live near him and I became one of his closest helpers and he became my main spiritual guide and my spiritual grandfather for the next sixteen years of my life. Dear Grandfather, thank you for loving me and guiding me, even now from the Other Side Camp. You taught me through being the teachings; the power of forgiveness and selflessness, the power of the spiritual family and unconditional love. You shared with me your heart, your way of life, the way of your Ancestors and your visions, and through them, we are one. I miss you Grandfather, you are in my heart forever.


     Grandfather presented me to an Ojibwa-Potawatomi Grandmother, who was a spiritual chief, a healer and a teacher. From the first moment we met, I felt a very strong closeness and familiarity with her. Her eyes always smiled lovingly when she talked to me. She was the strongest spiritual woman I ever met. She invited me to help her in a spiritual healing gathering and from that time she became my spiritual grandmother, my other main Elder and spiritual guide.  Her family became my family and my family became hers. She taught me her tradition, the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the teachings of woman and a very special way to care about people. I love you Grandmother and I miss the greatness and beauty of your heart. Thank you for being a special light in my life, you live in my heart.


     I have walked on the Sacred Red Road for over twenty years now and I have been honored and blessed to be accepted, taught and loved by various incredible Native North American Elders and to have been welcomed by their families and communities in their homes and in their ceremonies. I thank and honor all Native North American Nations and their Ancestors and all people, who walked and lived and still walk and live on the Sacred Red Road of Beauty. May we, all human beings, come together in One Heart, in One Mind and in One Determination to live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth in the Sacred Circle of All Nations under the protecting shade of the Sacred Tree of Life. 


     For me, spiritual healing begins at the conception of our physical life. We all have the gift to heal ourselves and we are born to heal. I had to suffer a lot and to struggle with myself and with my life for many years before I could become aware of that reality. I have learned so many good and really important things in my life, in a good way or a bad way, but I didn´t apply them much for a long time. I had to almost completely destroy myself, to allow my resistant old self to die and to be able to surrender to the unknown, to my real self, to my real life. 


    When I consciously began to heal my life spiritually, I remembered that I have a sacred purpose, a sacred mission to fulfill in this lifetime.  I realized that I can only accomplish that, if I started to listen and to follow the needs and desires of my heart, the will of my higher self. I realized also, that to be able to heal, I have to be truthful with myself and I have to heal also the way I lived my life, so that I could make peace with myself and with my life. I also understood that I have to open up and let go all of the garbage I absorbed and created during my life, so that I could cleanse myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and replace that garbage with the truth.


     I felt a deep understanding that life is a Healing Journey and only if I commit myself to heal and through keeping that commitment day by day, will I be able to create more unity, balance and harmony in all dimensions of myself and in my life.  I also knew with certainty that this would only be possible through humility and if I was open to change. If I surrender myself to my life purpose and if I truly want to learn to accept, to respect, to forgive, to love and to take care of myself and the rest of Creation.


     I know we are all different and we all have different ways to see and to do things. These words and thoughts are not meant to be better or worse than yours. I know that words can heal, help and enlighten or can steal, enslave and destroy. I hope that you will enjoy reading my experiences about my spiritual journey. These words are about my Healing Journey and about honoring my main teachers and the Sacred Ways of the Ancestors of All Colors, who walked and lived upon Mother Earth and left their beautiful gifts to us to heal. My life is about healing and about sharing those of my gifts that can help people to walk their healing journey with more balance and less pain or dysfunction. May we live in harmony, beauty and true peace with ourselves and with All Our Relations.











    I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site. All my relations.


    Everything in this site is free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, if it is not for monetary gain. Please do not change anything in the text you copy and indicate the origin where it comes from, referring to this site and to me when you share it.


    If you want to organize ceremony, teaching or healing with me, send me your inquiry and I will answer as soon as I can. 



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