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When a vision comes from the thunder beings of the West,

it comes with terror like a thunder storm; but when

the storm of vision has passed, the world is greener and happier;

for wherever the truth of vision comes upon the world, it is like a rain.

The world, you see, is happier after the terror of the storm.

... you have noticed that truth comes into this world with two faces.

One is sad with suffering, and the other laughs; but it is the same face,

laughing or weeping. ... as lightning illuminates the dark,

for it is the power of lightning that Heyokas have.


Black Elk, Hehaka Sapa

            Oglala Lakota, Heyoka Holy Man






      We created and we live in a contrary world. It is a civilized world, a modern world, a technological world, an artificial world, a star wars world. We do exactly the opposite what life and creation teach us to do and we are very proud of that and of what we have achieved in thousands of years of war, slavery, indoctrination and indifference. Super comfort and super gadgets, for the born to be rich minority and super misery and super slavery, for the born to be majority.


 We can create new genes, but we can´t cure a constipation. We can go to other planets, but we won´t walk for 10 miles. We want to control everything on this planet, but we can´t control our own behavior. We can pay 25 million for a painting, but we give a dime to millions dying from hunger. We spend more on health care than anything else, but we are suffering and dying more from illness, than from anything else. We are ready to kill and die for a mental concept, a belief, but we are unable to face the truth and live in harmony with our own self. We feel on the top of the food chain and of the world, but we are buried in a mountain of artificial garbage. Is there anybody out there, who doesn’t notice these funny things? We are definitely very funny human beings.


    Coyote is a Sacred Medicine Teacher in the Native North American Tradition. He´s exactly like the coyote in the Walt Disney cartoons, chasing a barrel of exploding laughs he tied on his own tail. He´s called the Trickster and he´s the medicine helper of the Contrary Clowns or Sacred Clowns. Contrary Clowns have been the keepers of sacredness in the Native North American Tradition. That tradition is dead without the balanced form and the spiritual essence of the Ancestors, it becomes a popular story: Zombie in Machine-land.


                    Only our consciousness is what truly changes in life. We transform in our life, from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to an adult, from an adult to an elder, but we keep the same essence and the same basic form through life, if not we become something else. Like a vegetable, or a slot machine, or a puppet, or a remote control.


    When we become deadly serious about the importance of our self and our secret intentions, when we don´t want to allow other options than the ours and our group’s option, when we believe that others should believe what we believe and it is the only true belief, and when it is a sin to laugh at our own self and at our beliefs, we are sequestrated and tortured by the Trickster, the worm in our mind. In this unserious condition, we might encounter an unserious being. He might not be called a genetically modified brain laxative and laughing on freedom non-pacifist, but a kick the bottom out from the corner Contrary Clown.


         .tsixe ot deen t´nseod eh taht eveileb dna mih htiw hgual ton ot ynnuf ton dna souires si tI


                                    enekoM hcoeeG


                                                                       htgiL  wobniaR gnilriwS



































                  I don´t like to pass the eagle feather not to you and I don´t invite you to not express what is not in your heart. I don´t created this site not for you. None of your comments, insights and sharing’s are not welcomed. When you don´t express none of your thoughts, feelings about the site or your no experiences on the not Sacred Red Road, please don´t do it with no respect and no caring, with a not open mind and heart in the benefit of none of us. This way we can’t share and inspirer each other without our hearts. No thank you, to not taking your time to not to read the site. None of my relations.



           Everything in this site is not free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, except if it is for monetary gain. Please change anything in the text you don’t copy and no indicate the origin where it comes from, not referring to this site and to me when you don’t share it.


                                         If you don’t want to not organize none of the no ceremonies I won’t answer as soon as I can’t. Please don’t send me an e-mail at:





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