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    Water is the foundation of all organic life on Earth and one of the fundamental elements of the plant, the animal and the human beings. Without water we can’t exist in this form on Earth. Water is very sacred to Native North Americans and is reflecting the female side of the creative energy coming from the Source of All Life, from the Great Spirit.


    Water is the blood and the breast milk of the Mother Earth. The blood, sweat and tears of our own mother carrying us nine months in her womb in her sacred water, to give birth to us. We are water beings and the purity of our body and even our soul greatly depends on the purity of the water we absorb every day. The clarity of our consciousness and the vision of our self and life is directly related to the purity of the essences circulating and sustaining our body and its vital functions. Water is the creative and the fundamental base of all those essences. Our health and balance greatly depend on water. We can assimilate, eliminate and transform through the pure and living energy of the water any kind of material and non-material energies in our body and in our soul.


    Water is life and life is precious and water is alive so we can be alive. Water is not a dead chemical substance, but a living and life giving, sensitive and gentle spirit. Water is a spiritual teacher, the mirror of the Universal Soul and Essence, an unconditional guide towards spiritual evolution and spiritual fulfillment, a gentle healer and purifier of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Water like the other elemental forces, Air and Earth, contains Fire and the essence and power of purity. Water can heal anything and teach us everything we need to grow in spiritual awareness.


    In the Native North American Tradition, water is related to us as our Grandmother and the fire as our Grandfather. They are the foundations of the body and the spirit of all creatures. Water is female energy and the woman is the guardian and the caretaker of the water and life. Men are providers and the protectors of the fire and life. Women give birth and nourish life. We all born from our mothers body and we are nourished from her body and soul since the beginning of our existence. We are born from water and we are nourished from her body and soul from the beginning until the end of our existence.


   In the Native North American Tradition women are the caretakers of the water ceremonies. To become a woman, to become a mother, to give birth, to breastfeed the child and how to relate to Moon Time, are the sacred teachings of woman and parts of the sacred mysteries of the Grandmother Water. We honor women when we honor the water. To offer and to share water is a vital part of the ceremonies and fundamental in creating and maintaining balance during the ceremonies and in life.


   How we relate to water, it is how we relate to women and to our mother and it is how we relate to Mother Earth, to our physical body, to the female side of our self and to our emotional and spiritual dimensions. How we relate to the water reflects how we nourish and take care of our self on all levels of our being.


    When we are deeply and truly touched in our heart either by joy or sadness, or sometimes by a mysterious emotion, we cry. We release water through the eyes, the mirrors of the soul, and through our tears we release the emotional charge and feel cleansed, more balanced, more in peace and freer after.


    When we float on the water we can experience the weightlessness of our spirit and reconnect to the beginning of our existence, when we have been floating in our mother’s womb. We can remember that blissful and worry free state of being, floating in pure unconditional love. Water resonates on that frequency and we can resonate too on that frequency when we follow her sacred ways, her sacred teachings.


    Water is sweet and gentle but stronger than the rock and breaks down with her infinite patience the rigid structures, like true love breaks the walls of carelessness and insensitivity. Water follows the Universal flow and moves effortlessly with it. Flowing with beauty, touching gently everything with life and moving up towards the light of the Grandfather Sun to fall back and give cleansing and renewal to Mother Earth and to all forms of life.


    Water is a crystal in liquid form, opening the road to the rainbow bridge of the spirit and gives spiritual direction to the soul. Water is an open heart, a receptive soul and purifying body and spirit, dissolving heaviness and softening rigidity. Water breaks the shell of the Sacred Seed and helps it to grow, to flower and to give plenty new seeds. At the end of the life cycle of the Sacred Tree, the water dissolves and spreads the remaining parts to help other Sacred Seeds to grow and a new life cycle begin. 


    Water absorbs our thoughts, words and feelings and reflects them in a crystalized form and teaches us by showing the creative power of beauty or ugliness of our vibration. When we charge the water intentionally with words and after we freeze it, a crystalline form can be revealed and make visible what we have created. A beautifully balanced mandala appears when we are on a positive frequency and expressing thoughts and feelings of harmony and love. A distorted, horrible structure appears when we are on negative frequency and creating and transmitting negative and destructive energy.


    When we contaminate and pollute the water, we discharge and transmit to her our negativity and self-destructivity. We contaminate and pollute our self and all living beings bodies, blood and soul and we are throwing away and destroying her wonderful gifts. We destroy her medicine, the life giving mystery and true magic of our Universal Mother’s love. When we honor and respect her and take care of her gifts, when we follow and use her medicine with our hearts, we can truly heal and renew our life and all life on Mother Earth.

























      “Dear Grandmother Water, my name is Geeoch Mokene. I’m standing before you to humbly express my infinite gratitude to you, to give me life, to nourish and to purify my body and my soul through your sweet medicine. You are always inside of me and all around me with your gentle and unconditional love. Thank you for feeding me, cleansing me, healing me, teaching me and guiding me and all life on Earth in your beautiful way. I honor you and I love you. I ask you to forgive me and all human beings that keep misusing and destroying your sacred essence and medicine by contaminating and polluting you. I thank you for your kindness and patience, to keep giving life to us and for supporting us. I will do my very best, every day for the rest of my life to respect you and to take care of you, to protect you through my example and through sending loving thoughts to you. I ask you to keep helping me and the others with your sacred medicine in the ceremonies and when I do healing. In the ancient ways of the ancestors, I offer you this sweet smoke of sage and this sacred tobacco with my heart to honor you and to thank you. I ask you to accept these offerings for the healing of all of us. Thank you Grandmother. All my relations.”











    I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site.  All my relations.


    Everything in this site is free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, if it is not for monetary gain. Please do not change anything in the text you copy and indicate the origin where it comes from, referring to this site and to me when you share it.


    If you want to organize ceremony, teaching or healing with me, send me your inquiry and I will answer as soon as I can. 




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