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The tobacco basket



     Long time ago there was a man called Crying Eagle. He lived alone in his tipi and lived for a long time in a great despair, because he couldn’t find happiness in his life despite having everything he needed to live. He went to see a great Old Medicine Man called Giveaway Eagle to ask him for help.


    “Grandfather, you are wise and you have great medicine, teach me how to find happiness in my life.”


    The Old Medicine Man listened to Crying Eagles complaining voice, looked in his sad eyes, observed his bending shoulders and told him.


    “My Grandson, I can’t help you. But I know that the Great Spirit will help you if you ask.”


   “Where can I find him Grandfather? I don’t know where he lives!” said Crying Eagle in desperation.


    “You might need to offer some tobacco and ask for help.” continued the Elder.


    Crying Eagle murmured a “thanks” and walked away with disbelief in his eyes. That night he had a dream. In the dream an Eagle appeared and was circling above him high in the sky and after, landed close to him. The Eagle appeared to search for something, because he walked around him like a chicken and tried to pick up something invisible from the ground.


    “What you are looking for?” asked Crying Eagle to the Eagle.


    “I’m hungry and I eat tobacco.” answered the Eagle without looking at him.


   When Crying Eagle woke up from his dream he realized that somebody made a fire in his tipi while he slept and had arranged the coals in the form of a flying eagle. Also, he realized that a tobacco basket filled with tobacco had been placed in front of the fire. He thought maybe the Old Medicine Man made the fire and put the basket in his tipi. The basket was filled only with tobacco leafs, but when he lifted it up, it felt very heavy.


    He went back to see Giveaway Eagle with the heavy basket and told him:


    “Thank you Grandfather for coming to visit me, but I can’t accept your gift.” he said and handed the basket to the Elder.


    “My Grandson, I can’t take this basket, because it doesn’t belong to me.” said Giveaway Eagle and smiled at him.........................












May we remember that we are all Spiritual Rainbow Warriors of the Mother Earth, of the Galaxy and of this Universe.


In the Spirit of the One Heart, to all my relations.

Geeoch Mokene

Swirling Rainbow Light









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