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Contrary Medicine dreamer or why Coyote can´t fly



     Long, long time ago, when the animals of Mother Earth could talk and understand each other, lived countless Rat Families in Dark Channels under the ground.


     They have been living there for so many generations that forgot almost everything about, that life existed above their head. They found everything they needed to survive in the Dark Channels, but they have to work every day hard to get their food. They were fighting each other for who´s going to have the biggest piece floating down in the dark waters.


     They fight also for who´s going to be the chief rat and they fight between families and groups for who´s going to control the bigger and better territory in the Dark Channels. They grow up in fearing and fighting each other through many generations. But what they feared the most was the Light, because they learned from early childhood that in the Light, they will become visible and will be eaten by a terrible, white headed flying monster.


     One day, in one of the Rat Families, was born a Little Rat. He smelled like any other little rat in the pack, but there was something strange about him since he was born, and his parents and brothers noticed, since his early age, that he was different from them. He didn´t want to fight with the others and washed himself and washed his food before eating it.


    “This boy isn´t mine!” said his father to his mother one day. “Look, he doesn’t behave in a normal way and his fur looks different.”


     “Very strange, I have the same feeling about him.” agreed his mother.


    The Little Rat felt sad and alone when he listened to his parents words.


    “There is nothing wrong with my grandchild!” said his Grandmother taking his hand in hers. “I will take care of him and you will see that everything will be fine.”


    The Little Rat´s sad feelings disappeared when he heard what his Grandmother was saying and felt the warmth of her hand.  He liked to be close to her.


    He was happy and grew fast with his Grandmother, but often he got in conflict with the other rats, because of his strange habits of not wanting to fight and to wash himself and his food.


    One day, a group of young rats circled around him when he was washing himself in the dark water. The biggest rat approached him and said:


    “I know why you are always washing yourself. You are dirty and stinking. Yes, you are stinking, and your name is Stinky!” he continued and looked at the others for approval.


    “Stinky, stinky, stinky, stinky…..” the others repeated the Big Rat’s words and he, encouraged by his success, hit the Little Rat in the face and pushed him into the Dark Water.


    When Little Rat wanted to crawl out from the water, they didn’t let him get out.


    “Please let me out.” he asked them in his gentle way, floating in the Dark Water.


    “Fight me, and we will let you out!” said the Big Rat.


    “Fight, fight, fight, fight….! – shouted the others.


    The Little Rat didn’t accept to fight and when he tried to get out, they hit him and pushed him back again and again into the Dark Water.


   Finally he had to swim to his Grandmother´s place and when he came out from the Dark Waters, he was exhausted, trembling and ashamed. His Grandmother took him in her comforting arms and said:


    “Don´t listen to them my little one, they don´t know who you are. They don´t even know who they are themselves. You are who you are, and not what others say you are. You need to always remember that.”


    The Little Rat listened to his Grandmother’s words and thought about what she said, for a long time. But when he lay down to sleep the young rats words were still echoing in his ears.


    That night he had a strange Dream. He saw a Light in a beautiful blue circular opening above his head and saw a white headed beautiful being. The creature talked to him, but he was unable to understand or remember what he was saying.


    He woke up very excited and had a new feeling of strength that he never felt before. He went to wake up his Grandmother. She was awake, but breathing heavy and with much difficulty. In his excitement hardly noticing her condition, he told her the Dream he had: 


    “Grandmother, I had a strange and wonderful dream with a beautiful blue circle and a beautiful white headed creature and I feel very strange and happy, but I don´t understand why.”


    “My little one, some things in life we don´t need to understand, we just need to feel them and to follow that feeling. Your Dream is a gift and is wonderful. I remember I had a dream like that when I was young, and my great Grandmother told me that is about a forbidden and secret doorway, leading to another world. You can find that opening in the wall by yourself, it is not far from here. Trust your Dream and go to find that entrance, it will lead you to the guardian of the other world. It is time for me also to go to another place now. Don´t be afraid, I will be always with you.” said his Grandmother before she closed her eyes for the last time......................












May we remember that we are all Spiritual Rainbow Warriors of the Mother Earth, of the Galaxy and of this Universe.


In the Spirit of the One Heart, to all my relations.


Geeoch Mokene

Swirling Rainbow Light



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