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How the first Rainbow Circle came around the Sun



     Long, long time ago, when our world was new and no human beings lived on Mother Earth, the Great Spirit, Creator of breath and form, created a giant turtle and put her to float day and night on the surface of the ocean. He put plains and mountains, rivers and lakes, forests and deserts, springs and waterfalls, clouds and rainbows, a whole beautiful land on her giant shell.


     The Grandmother Turtle was honored and very happy to be alive and to be chosen by the Creator to carry those wonderful gifts on her back. She floated in a joyful silence with her beautiful gifts and watched the Grandfather Sun and the Great Star Nations flying through the sky. Many moons and seasons past by, and little by little, she began to feel alone. A strong feeling started to grow inside of her, that something needed to keep the happiness in her heart alive. She looked up to the sky, to the shining, beautiful Grandfather Sun and called out to the Great Spirit:


      “Grandfather Creator, I´m so honored and blessed to be part of your great plan, so happy for all the beautiful gifts you gave me and for giving me a purpose to carry them, but I feel so alone and I can´t share my gifts with anyone and I can’t talk to any other Creature like me. Please help me!” she said and sang her song.


     Many other days and nights passed by, but the Grandmother Turtle waited patiently. And one night, when Grandmother Moon with her full smile floated in the middle of the infinite sea of stars, the Grandmother Turtle fell asleep for the first time in her existence and had a wonderful dream. She saw infinite kinds of beings crawling, walking, running on her back, swimming and splashing all around her, flying and circling above her head and they were singing and talking in a beautiful way that she could understand. She was able to talk with them and they could understand each other.


     The following morning, when Grandfather Sun started again his sacred walk across the sky, the Grandmother Turtle woke up from her sleep and opened her eyes. She had a very strange feeling that on her back and all around her, millions of beings had been moving and dancing, and at the same time she heard millions of voices singing. She felt her heart full of joy and she understood that her prayer had been answered. She looked up to the sky with tears of joy in her eyes and sang a thanks giving song to the Great Spirit.


     During many days and many seasons, all the Rock Beings, the Plant Beings and the Animal Beings lived in harmony and in a beautiful way of life. They were so grateful to be alive and to be able to listen, to talk and to learn from the Grandmother Turtle, from the Grandfather Sun, from the Grandmother Moon, from the Great Star Nations, from the Great Spirit and from each other in a respectful and kind manner and to live by the sacred ways of Creation.


     But one day, and no one of them really knew or remembered when or why, they started to forgot to walk and talk in the way of the heart and they started to fight and hurt each other more and more.


     The Grandmother Turtle begin to feel more and more sad, because she was hearing, seeing and feeling that the Creatures were struggling so much with each other and with themselves. She tried to talk to them, but the Creatures forgot how to listen to her and how to care about her, how to listen to each other and how to care about each other and how to listen to themselves and how to care about themselves.


     One day she was feeling so sad, that she started to cry. All her body was trembling and she was breathing so heavy, that strong winds started to blow from all directions. The mountains started to crack, the rivers and the lakes got out of their bed, the forests and the plains started to rot and dry and the Creatures started to starve, to become sick and to die. They tried to find a safe place, but there was nowhere to hide.  A great sorrow fell upon all beings and the sky filled up with dark and heavy clouds and the Creatures couldn’t see the Grandfather Sun anymore..................

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May we remember that we are all Spiritual Rainbow Warriors of the Mother Earth, of the Galaxy and of this Universe.


In the Spirit of the One Heart, to all my relations.

Geeoch Mokene

Swirling Rainbow Light






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