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It is true that many of the old ways have been lost,

but just as the rains restore the Earth after a drought,

so the power of the Great Mystery will restore the way

and give it new life.

We ask that this happen not just for the Red People,

but for all people, that they might live.

In ignorance and carelessness they have walked on

Ina Maka, Our Mother, the Earth.

They did not understand that they are part of all beings,

the Four-legged, the Winged, the Grandfather rocks,

the Tree People, and our Star Brothers.

Now our Mother and all our Relations are crying out,

they cry for the help of all people.


Black Elk, Hehaka Sapa

            Oglala Lakota, Heyoka Holy Man






    My name is Tibor Vozak and I was born in Hungary. My spiritual name is Geeoch Mokene, Swirling Rainbow Light. This site is about my spiritual healing journey and the reflection on how I experienced the Sacred Red Road in an over 20 years longue journey with Native North American Traditional Elders.


    There are many ways and many different Native North American traditions throughout Turtle Island. This site is about how I understand the spiritual Elders teachings and how I experienced them. I worked with Elders from Miq´maq, Algonquin, Ojibway, Potawatomi, Cree and Innu communities. I honor their visions, culture and spiritual way of being. They thought me that we need to respect all people, their visions, way of life and way of understanding life, even if it´s not like ours.


    In the beginning of my Spiritual Journey, I started to receive guidance through visions, dreams and other different forms of messages. This kind of communication was unknown to me until the Native North American Ancestors came to visit me in my dreams. After they came, I started to have visions and I knew that some kind of door had opened inside of me and for me, at the same time. I knew that it was something good, because when I was receiving the messages, I felt extraordinary clarity and a sense of being in a higher state of consciousness. My energy was vibrating and flowing differently and sometimes I could do things that in my ordinary perception were impossible. They filled me with a new kind of strength; faith. I felt deep appreciation, joy and excitement for what I was receiving and I firmly knew that they were guidance and help from the higher realms, for my spiritual growth.


    I don’t know if it is possible to explain or to describe well these kinds of experiences to someone who have never experienced them before. A year or two before it happened, I wouldn’t have been able to explain it to my own self.


    We all dream every night and have feelings and insights that we can´t explain rationally. Normally we discard or filter them out from our consciousness, because we learned to do that since childhood. Usually we don´t give much attention and give little or no meaning to them. During more than half of my life, I did the same thing. However, those dreams were very different from the others that I had before and they helped me to change my relationship with the dream world. They changed how I perceived myself, my life, the Universe and the meaning of my existence in this form, on this Planet, and in this Creation. I see them as great gifts from the Higher Spiritual Forces. They guided me to the Sacred Red Road, to my Elders, to help people to heal spiritually and to heal myself spiritually.


    Creation begins with a dream or a vision. Whatever we create, at first we have to see it inside, before we can manifest it in the outside. For example; making a tool in the material or concrete level, and creating healing in the immaterial or relational level. To manifest a vision through our life, first we must give value to it and then commit our self to realize it. We then have to put our heart in it and take all the steps needed and face all the challenges, until the vision is fulfilled.


    Rainbow star lodge, before I fully understood it, manifested at first in my spirit and in my heart, through a vision of a beautiful geometric form of all colors.  I felt it was a sacred space, a sacred healing place. I nourished the vision for seven years, by keeping my heart, my spirit, and my feet on the Sacred Red Road. I kept my eyes, my ears, my heart, and my mind open to the guidance I was receiving from the Spirit and from the Elders. I focused my life on helping unconditionally my Elders in the healing of Mother Earth, in the healing of people and focused myself on my own healing. Piece by piece, without knowing it, I completed a part of my vision and it began to manifest in my life through the form of a sweat lodge. I call it rainbow star lodge.


    This site is one of the fruits grown in the garden of my visions and is related to my first visions. It took me many years to decide to share this way about my life and about my spiritual experiences and insights on the Sacred Red Road. I do it to honor Life and the living Spirit in all Creation. I do it to honor my Elders, the Ancestors, the Native North American people, their way of being and their way of life. I do it for Mother Earth and for the people who are open to receive in this way. This is my Giveaway to them. I also do it for myself because it is healing me, and I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences and insights in this way.


    Native North American Tradition is a way of life. The teachings come to us mainly by being close to the Elders, helping and learning from them, also by living and walking this way in our life and directly experiencing the teachings with an open heart and an open mind. 


    All people are welcome to enter this lodge. I am honored and humbled to share with you this way. I pray that my words will not hurt or give prejudice to anyone, and I ask for forgiveness if it does, for this is not my intention. May we help and support each other unconditionally and walk in Life with true Love and Beauty. May we be more aware and truly understand the importance of our healing as human beings and the importance to heal our relationship with Mother Earth and her beings. May we heal the relationship we have created, throughout the last 500 years with the First Nations of this beautiful Turtle Island. May we remember that we are all Spiritual Rainbow Warriors of Mother Earth, of the Galaxy and of this Universe. May you enjoy this site and use it in a good way.


    In honor and gratefulness to the Great Spirit and to the Mother Earth, to my Guides, to the Ancient Ones, to the Ancestors and to my beloved Teachers and Elders, to my Quebec Rainbow Family and to my Canadian Ojibwa spiritual family of the Thunderbird clan, to share their heart and to trust me to carrying on the Teachings and to keeping them sacred and for supporting me with love and humor when I stumbled on the Sacred Red Road.


In the Spirit of the One Heart, to all my relations.

Geeoch Mokene

Swirling Rainbow Light











    I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site . All my relations.


    Everything in this site is free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, if it is not for monetary gain. Please do not change anything in the text you copy and indicate the origin where it comes from, referring to this site and to me when you share it.


    If you want to organize ceremony, teaching or healing with me, send me your inquiry and I will answer as soon as I can. 









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