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Kichi Manitou, Grandfather,

look at our brokenness.
We know that in all creation, only the human

family has strayed from the Sacred Way.
We know that we are the ones who are divided
and we are the ones who must come back together,
to walk in the Sacred Way.

Grandfather, oh Sacred One,
teach us love, compassion and honor
that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.


Ojibwe Prayer






Note: The following are a pert of what was asked to be read by Elder William Commanda at the Aboriginal Learning Network Constituency Meeting of Elders, policy makers, and academics on April 16th and 17th, 1997 in Aylner, Quebec.


    ¨Seven prophets came to the Anishinabe. They came at a time when the people were living a full and peaceful life on the North Eastern coast of North America. These prophets left the people with seven predictions of what the future would bring. Each of the prophecies was called a fire and each fire referred to a particular era of time that would come in the future. Thus, the teachings of the seven prophets are now called the "Seven Fires”. The seventh prophet that came to the people long ago said to be different from the other prophets. He was young and had a strange light in his eyes. He said;


    "In the time of the Seventh Fire New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the Elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders. The task of the New People will not be easy.


    "If the New People will remain strong in their quest the Water Drum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice. There will be a rebirth of the Anishinabe Nation and a rekindling of old flames. The Sacred Fire will again be lit.


    It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth's people."


    Traditional Midewiwin people of Ojibwa and people from other nations have interpreted the "two roads" that face the light skinned race as the road to technology and the other road to spiritualism. They feel that the road to technology represents a continuation of headlong rush to technological development. This is the road that has led to modern society, to a damaged a seared Earth. Could it be that the road to technology represents a rush to destruction? The road to spirituality represents the slower path that traditional native people have traveled and are now seeking again. This Earth is not scorched on this trail. The grass is still growing there.


    The source for this story is The Mishomis book : the voice of the Ojibway by Edward Benton-Banai. Printed in St. Paul, Minn. Published by Indian Country Press, copyright 1979.


For complet text on the Seven Fires Prophesy:














                                                THE EIGHTH FIRE




    My teachers taught me that we live in a time of purification, in a time when we arrived to a fork on the road of spiritual evolution and we need to make a choice about our future on the individual and on the planetary level. They taught me about the Seven Fires prophesy and the possibility to light the Eighth Fire. My visions confirmed that a new doorway and opportunity being offered to us in this period of time to live in peace and harmony on Mother Earth again.

We have a choice to listen to the wisdomkeepers, the Elders of the Native People, to our heart and to the crying of Mother Earth and change our way to treat our self, other beings and the planet and to live a simple life based on spiritual values; respecting and honoring all Creation, taking loving care of Mother Earth and all her chidren and unconditional sharing all her gifts and our gifts, or to keep going to abuse, to contaminate and to destroy all living beings and the Earth until anything more left.


   I have been advised since the beginning of my spiritual journey that I´m in a time of preparation, and that I have to purify and heal myself for to be ready to help people at the time when Mother Earth will purify herself and her children. I´m aware that entirely depend on me what I believe or what I admit to be true. My Elders always have been truthful to me and the trust I gave to them and to the Sacred Red Road have been the choice of my heart and my healing and spiritual experiences confirmed that.


   I pray for that we make a choice with our heart individually and globally about humanities´ future and that we will light up the Eighth Fire all around the Earth and all Nations will dance around the Sacred Tree of Life with true joy and we will make it to flower again with love. All my relations.




I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site All my relations.



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