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    On Mother Earth, human beings are the only creatures using fire. People gathered around the protecting and guiding light of the fire since times immemorial.


    In the Native North American tradition fire is the creative force of the Great Spirit and is very sacred. The native communities have been called fires. Each tribal circle or fire was a living part of the greater circle of seven fires. Nations had many seven fires to count.


    In the Native North American tradition and in the Medicine Wheel teachings, the Great Spirit created four colors of human beings; the yellow, the red, the black and the white. For each one give a spiritual responsibility; to take care and to work with one of the elemental forces. The yellow people received the air, the red people the earth, the black people the water and the white people the fire element.


    Everything is medicine and we give value to everything. There are no good or bed medicines, only medicines, and how they will affect Creation, what they do to other beings and to us, entirely depend on us. The truth will be reflected in the results, showing with what kind of intentions and how we created them. We come here to learn about the creative fire in ourselves and in creation, and to make wiser choices about how we use that power given to us by the Great Spirit.


    In the Native North American tradition, the Sacred Fire is the heart of the People, the center of the Medicine Wheel and all of the ceremonies. It is alive, not represents, but it is the living Spirit in all, the Great Spirit, the Creator of life and form, the Divine force of the Universe, our Grandfather the Sun. The Sacred Fire has to be lit, nourished, approached and used in a proper and humble way, for praying and for healing, and needs to be treated with the highest honor and respect by everybody and at all times. It has to be taken care of, to be protected and it has to burn from the beginning until the end of the ceremony.


    When we light a Sacred Fire and we work with the fire with the greatest respect, we are honoring life in all creation and the sacred way of the Ancestors. The Sacred Fire is there to remind us and to guide us on how to relate to our self, to others, to all our relations and to our Universal parents, the Mother Earth and the Great Spirit. It is the first and the greatest teacher of all.


    We are all guardians of the Sacred Fire inside of us, it is in our heart, in all of our cells and in all of our being. Our life, our family’s life, the life of the people around us and our individual and common future depends on how we relate to that fire. How we are able to listen and to work with the Sacred Fire is how we are able to listen and to work with the Spirit and is how we are able to listen and to work with our heart and that is how our journey is on the Medicine Wheel.













    I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site. All my relations.


    Everything in this site is free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, if it is not for monetary gain. Please do not change anything in the text you copy and indicate the origin where it comes from, referring to this site and to me when you share it.


    If you want to organize ceremony, teaching or healing with me, send me your inquiry and I will answer as soon as I can. 







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