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    True spiritual Elders like the brightest stars in the night sky, they are strong lights in the darkness and they keep enlighten and guide us unconditionally even after they are gone.



My Spiritual Grandmother






Lillian Pitawanakwat, 1944-2011

Ninkii Biness Mijissi Kwe,

Thunderbird Eagle Woman,Thunderbird Clan


“I will be here in the West doorway that is where I am today.

I am that Thunder in the sky, I am the cleansing when you cry.”


    “Each of us carries a fire within. Whether it’s through the knowledge we have, or through our experiences and associations, we are responsible for maintaining that fire. And so as a child, when my mother and father would say, at the end of the day - My daughter, how is your fire burning? It would make me think of what I’ve gone through that day - If I’d been offensive to anyone, or if they have offended me. I would reflect on that because it has a lot to do with nurturing the fire within. And so we were taught at a very early age to let go of any distractions of the day by making peace with our self.”


Kichi meegwetch kokòmas, bon ma pi;

Thank you very much Grandmother, I love you







My Spiritual Grandfather




















William Commanda, 1913-2011

Ojigkwanong, Morning Star,

Squirrel Clan



"It’s all spirit and it’s all connected...Our choice is to live out of harmony

with spiritual ways or in harmony with spiritual ways. Everything is spiritual."


    "The first key is forgiveness: to forgive those people, and nations, and races that we feel have done us harm. We may not forget, but we have to forgive. That will begin to heal the hurt. We have to forgive ourselves, too, for the harm we have done to ourselves and to others. It's very difficult. It's not easy. But that's what is required”


Kichi meegwetch mishòmis, bon ma pi;

Thank you very much Grandfather, I love you










I thank and honor all the other Elders I helped and I worked with in ceremonies: Dan Kaplan, Joey Paul and Joe John Sanipas (Miq´maq nation), Alex Fox (Potawatomi nation), Raymond Ballentyne (Cree nation), Madonna O´Nabigon and Dave Courchain (Ojibway nation), Leo St-Onge and Omer St-Onge (Innu nation), for their open heart, wisdom, and unconditional teachings and sharing. Their wisdom, spiritual strength and way of being have been an inestimable treasure for my healing and a spiritual example to follow on the Sacred Red Road.

    May their life be always filled with love and their journey beautiful on the Sacred Red Road.















I would like to pass the eagle feather to you and I invite you to express what is in your heart. I created this site for you. All your comments, insights and sharing’s are welcomed. When you express your thoughts, feelings about the site or your experiences on the Sacred Red Road, please do it with respect and caring, with an open mind and heart in the benefit of all of us. This way we can share and inspire each other with our hearts. Thank you for taking your time to read the site.  All my relations.


    Everything in this site is free to copy, to distribute and to share with anybody, in any country and at any time, if it is not for monetary gain. Please do not change anything in the text you copy and indicate the origin where it comes from, referring to this site and to me when you share it.


    If you want to organize ceremony, teaching or healing with me, send me your inquiry and I will answer as soon as I can. 





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